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Os Mutantes - Haih or Amortecedor O Mensageiro


  • ISRC:BRB0P0900007
  • Recorded:2009
  •  ©2009 Anti Inc. Manufactured And Distributed By Epitaph
  • Vocals, Kier Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Egyptian Oud, Nylon Acoustic Guitar, 12 Strings, Hammond Organ, Cello, Orchestral Arrangements, Percussion, Harmonica:Sergio Dias
  • Drums, Percussion, Vocals:Dinho Leme
  • Vocals, Percussion:Bia Mendes
  • Vocals, Keyboards, Grand Piano, Hammond Organ:Henrique Peters
  • Vocals, Grand Piano:Fabio Recco
  • Percussion, Sound Design:Simone Sou
  • Bass, Piano Bass:Vinicius Junqueira
  • Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitars, Viola Caipira, Flute / Crazy flute, Kawala Flute, Cello, Violin, Clarinet, Keyboards, Orchestral Arrangements:Vitor Trida


All that confusion that puzzles your mind
A life ahead of you and so much uncertainty
Where are you going to?
What’s it like to be you?

Walking naked along a razor’s edge
And I see you through the other side of the mirror
When you undress yourself
Of your solitude

Where is it that you are going?
Where is it that you hide?
What is the answer to the question in your gaze
Whatever it is, there you will find me!

I am the messenger
I bring the Sun in my hands
I am like the wind
That wakes you from your colorless dream
At the morning rainbow.
I know your secrets
Of your desires, of your fears I smile
I am the black Raven
I dream your dream
At the morning rainbow...