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The Milk Carton Kids - Monterey Shooting Shadows

  • ISRC:USEP41505008
  • Recorded:2014
  •  ©2015 The Milk Carton Kids, under exclusive license to Anti, Inc


i go out walking early in the mornings
you’re probably sleeping or still hungover
quiet evenings reading in the twilight
of all the things that cross my mind

we’re getting older
i hear your grandpa died
i read it in the paper it caught me by surprise
it made me think of when i lost mine
when i asked you said that you were fine

and i would not be surprised to find
you’d forgotten my name by now
no i could not see as time went by
my shadow fading out

i’m tough as nails, i test it all the time
i make my bed and then i lie
i try to say what’s mine is mine
but it’s just another story line

i’ve tried to think what happened to the fire
its burning out made me into a liar
made me feel like i’d been shooting shadows
letting what really mattered go