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The Coup - Sorry To Bother You The Guillotine


  • ISRC:USEP41231012
  • Recorded:2012 Chub Studios
  •  ©2012 Anti, Inc.
  • Guitar, Moog, Handclaps:Damion Gallegos
  • Drums:Jeff RJFski
  • Vocals, Chants, Handclaps:Boots Riley
  • Vocals:Silk E
  • Vocals, Chants:Alina Hubbard Riley
  • Chants:Nicos Hubbard Riley
  • Chants:Xola Fischer Riley
  • Vocals, Chants:Gabby La La
  • Chants:Rachel Anthony Levine
  • Chants:Mycull Myculls
  • Chants, Handclaps:Pam The Funkstress
  • Prophet 5, Moog:Mike Tiger
  • Guitar:B'nai Rebelfront