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Solillaquists of Sound - As If We Existed Ask Me If I Care


  • ISRC:USEP40629105
  • Recorded:2006
  •  ©2006 Anti-
  • Vocals:Alexandrah Santon
  • Vocals:Swamburger
  • Vocals:Tonya Combs
  • Producer:DiViNCi


VERSE 1 (Swamburger)

I say the same things in life that I say in my songs yet one’s considered right and one’s considered wrong. My friends love my aggressiveness when I’m up on stage but tend to take it personal when I’m up in they face like, “It’s not what you say but how you come across,” as if they never knew me from the first time we talked. The same things happen to a celebrity I guess, where he does something wrong and the world gets upset. But if he continues to bless children and brighten up their futures thick we give him golf claps and wait for him to contradict. You don’t want unity you want individual freedom. It’s not my fault we created what everyone wants to be them. And I could allow myself to see your presentation if I didn’t acquire so much about our destined/nation. You can pretend you don’t feel it but can you follow through~ cause you know regardless of how it’s said the outcome’s always loving you.


Ask me if I care and I’ll say I do

Fuck you, that’s for my ego,

I love you, that’s personal.

Ask me again if I care and I’ll say I do

You can’t claim a song creates ears,

You got some, just listen.

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah)

Why exist as gods and act like slaves?

Fight to the death just to keep your chains..

Energy’s depleted, we’re so easily heated

So I bestow my heart, but it’s construed in err

Take my passion as harassment when I take it there

Thinking that to fight it just might justify their weakness

But this music, when suitably used, is meant to enrich your existence

By providing sight of purpose, worthy of your choice to listen.

Willingness to see will give you vision,

Conscious acts preserve self-permission

And I sacrifice my desires and time giving insight

how to fight in light of opposition.


VERSE 3 (Swamburger)

Belly up my fellow mellow crutch. Start a chain reaction, acting on a duty long overdue. Slow change is in progress. I profess its process to see I seen~ I mean a lot of things happen, “bad stuff,” then turn for the better like~ self-awareness is actually looking for something now~ it’s self, WOW. Seemingly creating reflections of a brighter view on art verses technicalities compiled. No more unexpected routes to turn down while alone and following your dream to resurrect a pulse into the seams of it’s struggle, to be accepted as a worthy cause without pause~ clout and all. Doubt ya? Nah! Bout your fall. Stand up for your potent potential, growing essential. Reality’s your life menu. Lend you a hand man. Don’t fall for uncertainty again. “Gotta get over the hill that’s legible and,” then some. Men front but don’t know the half. I laugh a lot illuminating limits learning layman’s terms for living like a god. Listen! Gimme the benefit of the doubt then I’m out, I swear. If you allow the child of great talent to prevail seeking a scale of beauty from music like this then take time to know what it is. This is hip-hop. That’s right. Yo, I used to do it in front of my house~ now I got 20 year olds trying to tell me what it’s all about. Get the fuck out of my face and the mic out your mouth!