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Solillaquists of Sound - As If We Existed Our 2 Cents


  • ISRC:USEP40629112
  • Recorded:2006
  •  ©2006 Anti-
  • Vocals:Alexandrah Santon
  • Vocals:Swamburger
  • Vocals:Tonya Combs
  • Producer:DiViNCi



Definition blown apart.

Never expected it would be this hardly thought about

By those who claim they’ve been thru it all and back again.

VERSE 1 (Swam and Alex)

“I know it’s hard”, the woman said before nurturing the idea of birth to quitting.

She explained, “Smoking is everything, nothing in meaning though. Believe

me yall, I’ve been through it all. This is the least of my problems, preaching

won’t solve them.” Then she starts rambling like, “Look at me, I’m perfectly

fine. I’m climbing to the peak of understanding moderation one vice at a time.

I’ll quit when I’m pregnant. Hold, one second.” She takes a drag of the cigarette,

and figured that it’s out of respect for her past. “Life won’t last, neither will I.

The purpose of this is relaxing my mind. I’m sick of you people who think about me

as a duck, when we both know you could get hit by a truck tomorrow.”


Definition blown apart ~ I bet you never thought it’d be this hard.

VERSE 2 (Swamburger)

I giggled a bit. This is ridiculous. thinking of alternate ways of meticulous death. Simple decisions of health and it’s help turned to notions of sermons that still what is left of her choice. Wasn’t me, never was. Just an opinion of mine. “You might wanna stop!” She looked at me as if I called myself cop~ nightstick in hand with an order to clock. “Mam,” caught myself playing the role. Frustrated, she thinks I’m losing control. I blurted out

“Sorry for caring.” She called me an ass, “but thank you sharing.” Told me that I couldn’t save the whole planet, never to try unless I had her damage so I could relate. Thought I was doing it. Based upon my conversation I’m proving it.

VERSE 3 (Alexandrah)

She said, “Everyone grows at their own pace. Everything IS,

my habit maintains balance,” I said no girl – marketing masters

have swayed your stance into believing we can’t speaking without

trying to get you to buy what you don’t need. But it’s them who’re

after all of what your heart adores. It’s a true disaster when you lose

you as adequate, play devil’s advocate, out of defense reference Zen

as resource.

VERSE 4 (Swam and Alex)

I smoke cause I’m heavy.

That’s what she said. Truthfully we knew what she meant. It didn’t take

hours to get to the bottom of our conversation, connecting the dots to damn!

Thought she was bitter. Wondering well, will she consider – eating better

whether no cheddar, eggs or dairy? Organic is best with fruit cause they vary.

Now, she’s thinking Wow, these cats are scary no matter the smile.

She wants to indulge, we want to help out. Both of us looking to benefit doubt.

We accept what we can and remain as friends- still awkward about each other’s

persistence. Wishes blew over though, distance and overgrown. Bias opinions

will never teach what we know.


Definition blown apart.

Never expected it would be this hardly thought about

By those who claim they’ve been thru it all and back again.