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Dr. Dog - B-Room (Deluxe Edition) Long Way Down

  • ISRC:USEP41318007
  • Recorded:2013 Mt. Slippery - Philadelphia, PA
  •  ©2013 Anti, Inc.


I fell asleep around quarter to four
I had a dream my baby didn’t want me no more
I was drowning in a sea of love
I was swallowed up by the water above
Oh water above, oh water below
Take me away in your undertow
I’ve been drinking from a broken cup
And a long way down means a long way up
Yeah a long way down, means a long way up
When I came to
I was feeling high
I got a telephone call from a friend of mine
Coming through so loud and clear
Yeah he was picking me up
Man he felt so near
When I hung up, and I looked around
I could hear the rain hit the cold cold ground
But there was sunshine just because
and it didn’t matter what the weather was
Yeah a long way down, means a long way up…
Something unreal.
I won’t slave for them
I won’t behave for them.
I will be brave.
You can laugh about it,
If you just let go.