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Dr. Dog - B-Room (Deluxe Edition) Love

  • ISRC:USEP41318011
  • Recorded:2013 Mt. Slippery - Philadelphia, PA
  •  ©2013 Anti, Inc.


There goes my baby
There goes my bride
Feels like the first time,
Time and time again
She was the one,
she was the only
she was a mystery
imagine my surprise.
I went to London
Down to the dungeon
I’ve been to hell if I’ve been any other way
If I’m not mistaken
I wasn’t taken
I found my own damn way down there for love.
But can it last
All my life
As it passes?
I met her in a costume
Underneath a full moon
Love from the stormiest skies.
The whole masquerade stopped
Yet another shoe dropped
But it was just another kind of disguise

I’m holding on
Don’t ask me why
I am afraid the only answer is a lie.
I tell myself
The strangest stories,
I aint a crow I found a crooked way to fly oh love
But can it last
All my life
As it passes by