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Saintseneca - Dark Arc Takmit


  • ISRC:USEP41316008
  • Recorded:2013 ARC
  •  ©2014 Anti, Inc.
  • Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bulbul Tarang, Tack Piano, Various Percussion, Stomps, Claps:Zac Little
  • Vocals, Baritone Ukulele, Stomps, Claps:Maryn Jones
  • Vocals, Bass, Stomps, Claps:Steve Ciolek
  • Various Percussion, Stomps, Claps:Jon Meador
  • Various Percussion:Glenn Davis
  • Drums:Matthew O'konke
  • Synths, Neptune:Mike Mogis


Would you come down if I were to call your name?
Could I calm down if I could recall your name?

So how'd it taste to drink the light inside your name?
Smoldering molars and singeing trachea

Premonitions even if we count the days
would not save us, even if I get my way
So down that trumpet resonating with your sigh
Often spoke of but seldom realized

Lust isn't blind though
It's just a simple kind of
supple seeing eye dog
running into new walls

you were a kid somewhere with long hair
drinking in parking lot
you've got your car
you've got your reasons
you got your favorite restaurant
The flesh is shed eat bread instead
and you'll never thirst again
While I grow old, you grow wild

would you come down if I were to call your name?