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Saintseneca - Dark Arc Uppercutter


  • ISRC:USEP41316010
  • Recorded:2013 ARC
  •  ©2014 Anti, Inc.
  • Vocals, Dulcimer:Maryn Jones
  • Vocals:Steve Ciolek
  • Vocals:Jon Meador
  • Drums, Timpani:Matthew O'konke
  • Piano:Luke Smith
  • Synths, Neptune:Mike Mogis
  • Vocals, Acoustic Bass, Bass, Guitar, Autoharp, Bowed Banjo, Noise:Zac Little


Clove spurs in your lungs
Rasp over the phone
Serve to sharpen every groan thrown

You know you know you know.

Upper cutter you take me down
Your blood sending bludgeons
find me now
When I was one among the wave
You're tongue had sung it's final phrase

I was only one good time away
False if I falsify the frame
Even if hit just now
The stinger lingers anyhow

Swallow all your chewing gum
limp into the setting sun
I for one will not be sung to sleep