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William Elliott Whitmore - Field Songs (Deluxe) Field Song

  • ISRC:USEP41109002
  • Recorded:2011 Flat Black Studio - Iowa
  •  ©2011 Anti Inc.


Write this down and don't forget
the best of times ain't happened yet
the gilded age has long been done
so many lost when the west was won

Let's go to the field we're gonna do some work
spend our day digging in the dirt
we'll hope the rain follows the plow
this piece of ground is a homestead now

Three square meals and a living wage
reminds me of the good old days
before the manifest destiny of the factory farms
when those cut-throats came and burned down the barn

Underneath the black locust tree
there's a shady place that waits for me
to rest my bones and rest my mind
I'm gonna rest right here when I die