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William Elliott Whitmore - Field Songs (Deluxe) Get There From Here

  • ISRC:USEP41109006
  • Recorded:2011 Flat Black Studio - Iowa
  •  ©2011 Anti Inc.


There's a place, there's a place
just up north a ways
where anyone can find some work
and earn a decent pay
All my life, all my life
I've tried to make it right
I must leave, I must leave
I'm headed north tonight
If I can get there from here
I'll send some money home
and I'll be back again next year
The desert wind, the desert wind
it cuts into my skin
the full moon and the bonfire flame
both know me by name
La Santa Muerte, La Santa Muerte
bless our weary way
give our legs the strength to walk
gotta make it to Santa Fe
If I can get there from here
there's darkness in my eyes
but the sun's about to rise
In this place, in this place
I have a stranger's face
they don't understand they don't recognize
can't see the world through my eyes
to provide for my little ones
I'll do anything I can
jump the fence out run the dogs
defy the laws of man
If I can get there from here
I've seen darkness in my time but the sun's gonna shine