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Rain Machine - Rain Machine Winter Song

  • ISRC:USEP40918011
  • Recorded:2009 Staygold Studio / Live Oak Studio
  •  ©2009 Anti Inc.


On a mountain above,
the fabled sea of love,
There's a cabin up on high.
And in that cabin's wall's
there's a table that calls
You to sit yourself down and dine,
on some very nice
dish of fish and rice,
and we'll pray against the end of time.

But the decorative cherry trees
outside the window to the east are
And their premature bloomin'
Reminds me,
Of their clear cut destiny,
And their clear cut destiny is to die.
And we'll follow, and we'll follow
And we'll follow in good time.

Oh the wide open space
that's been laid to waste
by the waters ever rising tide.
Well it can't help but recall the begining of it all,
like some anti deluvian shrine.
And after we break bread
I'll make a bed,
You can lay your little head down next to mine!
Oh little lamb,
hold me in your cloven hands and
Close your tired eyes.

But in this cabin way up high,
Oh there's just you and I and
All is love all is love all is love all is love all is love all is love all is love all is love all is love all is love all is love
Two lamps,
Two lamps,
Two lamps shining
In this worlds winter time.