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Mavis Staples - You Are Not Alone Don't Knock


  • ISRC:USEP41013001
  • Recorded:2010 The Wilco Loft - Chicago, IL
  •  ©2010 Anti Inc.
  • Vocals:Mavis Staples
  • Guitar:Rick Holmstrom
  • Guitar:Jeff Turmes
  • Drums, Percussion:Stephen Hodges
  • Vocals:Donny Gerrard
  • Background Vocals:Kelly Hogan
  • Background Vocals:Nora O'Connor
  • Bass:Jeff Tweedy


CHORUS: You don’t knock, don’t knock just walk on in. The door to heaven’s gate, there’s love and joy for you to share the whole day through. I know my friends are there to rest in heavens nest. You don’t knock, ring, push a hole. The doors wide open waiting for your soul. You don’t knock, you just walk on in.

I’ve walked night’s winding road, trying to rid this load

Traveled both night and day so tired could hardly pray

Jesus my light and my guide, he’s forever by my side

So I’m walking and a knocking into heaven with pride


I have no need to fear, He is ever near

He’ll know my work was true, so glad the day is through

It wasn’t for me to say, didn’t think I made my way

So I’m walking and knocking into heaven, goodbye.


You don’t knock you just walk on in.