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One Less Question (Feat. Lennon Stella) Madi Diaz April 10, 2024
Weird Faith Madi Diaz Purchase February 9, 2024
Be Careful Madi Diaz November 7, 2022
Love Looks Different Madi Diaz September 22, 2022
Hangover Madi Diaz July 12, 2022
Same History, New Feelings Madi Diaz March 4, 2022
“Crying In Public (MUNA Remix)” Madi Diaz November 3, 2021
History Of A Feeling Madi Diaz Purchase August 27, 2021
Nervous Madi Diaz May 4, 2021
New Person, Old Place Madi Diaz March 23, 2021
Man In Me Madi Diaz February 10, 2021