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William Elliott Whitmore - Animals In The Dark Mutiny


  • ISRC:USEP40822101
  • Recorded:2008 Flat Black Studio - Iowa
  •  ©2008 Anti Inc.
  • Backup Vocals:Katherine Ruestow
  • Bass:Adam Lubsetich
  • Drums:Kevin Eyers
  • Vocals, Guitar, Banjo:William Elliott Whitmore
  • Drums:Johnathan Crawford
  • Bass:Pete Biasi
  • Cello:Will Roselic
  • Organ:David Zollo
  • Accordion:Hagan Myers
  • E Bow:Joel Anderson


It's a goddam shame what's going down
how it got to this I do not know
there's a sick sick wind that is blowin' 'round
and the captain's got to go

about you or me he does not give a damn
what a low down dirty snake
with his mind on his money and his money on his mind
something's got to break

like when the hounds start howlin'
when there's fiends about
I will stand up and shout
I declare mutiny on this ship

the captain's been drinking below the deck
and this vessel's headed way off course
I want to wrap my hands around his crooked neck
and throw him overboard
send him to his lord

I don't want to be safe I just want to be free
take back what these old devils have taken from me

He don't need no water
let the motherfucker burn
burn motherfucker burn