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William Elliott Whitmore - Animals In The Dark Who stole the soul


  • ISRC:USEP40822102
  • Recorded:2008 Flat Black Studio - Iowa
  •  ©2008 Anti Inc.
  • Backup Vocals:Katherine Ruestow
  • Bass:Adam Lubsetich
  • Drums:Kevin Eyers
  • Vocals, Guitar, Banjo:William Elliott Whitmore
  • Drums:Johnathan Crawford
  • Bass:Pete Biasi
  • Cello:Will Roselic
  • Organ:David Zollo
  • Accordion:Hagan Myers
  • E Bow:Joel Anderson


Who stole the soul
who stole the heart
who took the spark from inside of me
why can't I breathe

I'm afraid they won't stop
'til all the poets have failed
'til all the good men are jailed for nothing at all
let them take the fall

they'll bring devastation
and call it diplomacy
but an occupation won't bring a nation peace
I'm so ashamed

these things beyond value
that we cherish so dear
I won't let them go

who stole the soul
who stole the heart
I got back the spark inside of me
I can finally breathe

hear the shuffle of my dancing feet