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William Elliott Whitmore - Animals In The Dark There's hope for you


  • ISRC:USEP40822106
  • Recorded:2008 Flat Black Studio - Iowa
  •  ©2008 Anti Inc.
  • Backup Vocals:Katherine Ruestow
  • Bass:Adam Lubsetich
  • Drums:Kevin Eyers
  • Vocals, Guitar, Banjo:William Elliott Whitmore
  • Drums:Johnathan Crawford
  • Bass:Pete Biasi
  • Cello:Will Roselic
  • Organ:David Zollo
  • Accordion:Hagan Myers
  • E Bow:Joel Anderson


my little sparrow there is hope for you
your life has just begun
I could not do what I wanted to
I fear my time is almost done

but through your actions truth will carry on
go forth with joy in your heart
even though I will be gone
you've got to play your part

listen to me now, you will overcome, I promise you
and be whatever it is that you want to be
there is hope for you there is hope for you
but it's much too late for me

those wayward weeping voices that you will hear
each with their own story to tell
you have a choice to bend you ear
and treat your fellow humans well

goodbye my little sparrow
it's time that I must go
to keep on the straight and narrow
there's something you must know