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Tinariwen - Elwan Nizzagh Ijbal

  • ISRC:FRPH71600009
  • Recorded:2016 Bivouac le Petit Prince, Melodium Studios & Rancho
  •  ©2017 Wedge SARL, under exclusive license to Anti


Nizzagh ijbal
Ichindja dihen
Ténéré dadàgh
Iyyaw sihadàgh
Tanminnakt dadàgh
Nilà iwityan
Nibdad nitàhhad
Nitaqàrrar s- àsehar dadàgh
Ere d-odjàn
I-ammas n-ilwad
Ihanàt Chaghàt s-iyyàt tànihàdja

Friends, companions,
I live in the mountains.
Out there, the enemy;
here, only solitude.

Fighter, combatant,
come this way
Come and rediscover
your loves, and unity.

There have been
years of engagement,
During which
we have planned
this coming together.

I want to see camps
where young girls
Live, one of whom is
insouciant and proud.