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Tinariwen - Elwan Talyat

  • ISRC:FRPH71600014
  • Recorded:2016 Bivouac le Petit Prince, Melodium Studios & Rancho
  •  ©2017 Wedge SARL, under exclusive license to Anti


Talyat màllàt
Id tàt ninhày
Tizdjarid ehàn wàr tàskànzàr
Tilsa asaghnis wa-dàgh nizzày
Ad àrhun iman-in
Ad has nisiwil
Ad tàt id-nimmàr
Wàr djin bahu wàr hi-tiffàr
Ad hi tàn tidit n-a-wa
tinhày dàgh ulh-net
I-dàgh tissàn
Imidiwàn tàrha sarhan
Ere tàrhed ulh-a-isasnan

If I see a light-skinned girl
With blossoming face
Coming out of her tent,
Dressed in a robe I know well,
My soul will want to talk to her.
And I will want to go to her.
With heart sincere,
she will not hide from me
Anything that her eyes have seen.

Friends, companions,
Love can make you sick.
Only love can make you suffer.