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Tinariwen - Elwan Tiwàyyen

  • ISRC:FRPH71600007
  • Recorded:2016 Bivouac le Petit Prince, Melodium Studios & Rancho
  •  ©2017 Wedge SARL, under exclusive license to Anti


Tiwàyyen tikobawen
D- Ténéré hanàt taliwen
D- Ténéré hanàt taliwen
As did nimmar tisinnawen
Niglàd nodwàd tihodayen
Ahan ifàqqàn n-timasniwen
Nosàd ikchan issin wi n-taliwen
Nàqqal tewelt n-Tinariwen
Wàràn itidjich kel-takchiwen

Before me march the hills
Of Tiwayen and Tikobawen.
In a desert where shady spots
Can easily be found.
We went by the hill of Tissinawen
Making our way towards Tihoudayen,
To be there at dusk.
We’re the companions of Tinariwen,
And not like those
Who speak ill of others.