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Jonny (Deluxe) The Drums April 5, 2024
Jonny The Drums October 13, 2023
Ambulance The Drums December 11, 2020
Nadia (Porches' You Have Lost Control Remix) The Drums November 12, 2020
Nadia The Drums October 28, 2020
“Take Yer Meds!!” (A Guided Meditation) The Drums May 4, 2020
I Didn't Realize b/w You Lied The Drums October 15, 2019
Try The Drums June 26, 2019
Brutalism The Drums Purchase April 5, 2019
Meet Me In Mexico The Drums February 15, 2018
Abysmal Thoughts The Drums Purchase June 16, 2017